The Zwift Essential Knowledge

Do you want to make your turbo sessions more enjoyable? Then maybe you should try getting on the Zwift platform.

What is Zwift?

Zwift, basically, is a turbo trainer game that allows you to link your turbo trainer to your computer, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV; it allows you ride with other cyclists, but in a virtual environment, helping to allay some of the boredom that comes with the conventional indoor riding.

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You not only will compete with other riders, these training sessions can also give you access to workouts that have been designed by professional coaches, and you have the ability to complete these workout sessions with other riders in a group, completing efforts are based on a percentage of their FTP.

Zwift also say that riding on their platform is much better than outdoor riding because it bars all the forces that comes from riding outdoors: traffic, weather, time constraints, and the distance from other cyclists.

You have a range of virtual worlds to chose from: Watopia, New York, and London, and the routes that you will ply on can be found on Strava where there is a leaderboard for each.

Is the Zwift App Free?

No, it is not. It costs about $14.99 monthly, but you have the option of canceling anytime you want. You also do not need to commit immediately, as there is a seven-day trial period for new users.

What Equipment Do You Need?

The most basic, and probably obvious, equipment that would be required of you to use Zwift is the turbo trainer. If you want an immersive gameplay, and you will be using Zwift on a regular basis and are able to afford it, then you would need to get a smart turbo trainer like the Wahoo Kickr or the Tacx Neo Smart.

These turbo trainers are recommended because they have a good direct drive design, with a built-in power meter and variable resistance. These turbo trainers will measure your output and send that data to Zwift so your online avatar can be powered.

The variable resistance available on these turbos will give you the feeling of an actual ride in the online world, so when you are riding uphill, the resistance will increase, and when you are going downhill it decreases.

Just because you want to use Zwift, you do not have to go all out to get expensive turbo trainers. At the basic level, you can just use the old turbo trainer with an ANT+ or Bluetooth speed sensor; the data that is generated by the speed sensor is sent to your computer and then to the game.