Is Zwift Great For Structured Training?

If you plan on using Zwift for some serious training and not just some leisurely ride, then you probably would be interested in the Zwift workout mode and group workout.

In the group mode, riders train at the same effort level based on the percentage of their FTP. And this means that they can each be producing individual power values, but can still remain together, riding.

The workout mode can be found on the home screen and not just pushing ride. There is a large number of workouts that you can choose from. There is a functional threshold power test, many other individual workouts based on the amount of time that you have available, or the kind of workout that you are after; you also have full training plans designed by people like Marco Pinotti and Chris Carmichael to help push you towards your goals.

Once you start riding, the workout plan is very easy to follow. On the left side of your screen, there is, displayed, the total structure of your workout, and at the bottom, you will find a graph of your power through the whole duration of your workout, and placed at the top, is an indication of your power and the power that you should be aiming towards in that specific interval.

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If you’re working out with a smart trainer, then it will help to adjust the resistance to help you stick to the target power, but if you are working out with the standard power meter, then you will have to manually change the power.

Can I Race on Zwift?

The answer: of course! Zwift races are published on the application’s calendar. To join in one of these races, all you need to do is to power your Zwift application and join the race, like you would any group race, and off you go.

You will be required by Zwift to edit your name with your rider category and the abbreviation of the race’s name.

There are categories in Zwift, as mentioned earlier. These categories are based on your FTP:

A: 4.0 w/kg FTP or higher

B: 3.2 w/kg to 4.0 w/kg FTP

C: 2.5 w/kg to 3.2 w/kg FTP

D: Under 2.5 w/kg FTP

You can join any category of your choosing, and if you find it too hard, you just need to either drop back or up a cat.