How to Get the Most From Zwift

For years, Zwift has changed the face of indoor riding. For just $14.99 a month, you have access to a virtual world where the experience of riding indoors is no longer a bore. With its three unique course: London, New York, and Watopia, riders can ride around without any stress, training, socializing, and even racing.

Turning indoor riding into a game, the conventional process of the rider staring at a bland wall while on the turbo has been eliminated, and now, more cyclists are opening their minds up to a world of the turbo trainer.

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Although Zwift can be quite self-explanatory with its structured workouts, regular group rides and daily races, you may find that you are lost when it comes to getting the most out of this virtual game, and these tips are what we will be giving to you in this article.

Get Race Fit by Racing

Many people have that fear of dabbling into the racing world; we are told of horrific tales of brutal crashes, crazy weather conditions, and the very disappointing fact that you will be left in the back of the race as the other racers speed out from both your sides just in the first lap of the race. But with Zwift, all these fears are allayed. At the 40 km mark, they resemble the same length as races around your local circuit and the course’s twisting nature makes it feel like you are racing on a real road. You will be expected to go as hard as you would in real life, but there are benefits to this.

You do not face the risk of a crash, you do not also face the risk of clipping a wheel or being caught out by a loss of concentration. It doesn’t matter just how hard you ride, you do not have to fear hitting the tarmac. Also, thanks to the Zwift group riding, for categories A to D ranging from 4 w/kg to 1 w/kg, there are less chances of you being out of your depth.

You will be riding next to people who produce exactly the same output as yours, riding at similar speeds, this will effectively remove that feeling of being left in the back while the other riders are zooming off to the finish line. After some intense riding, you will begin to notice an increase in your fitness level. Ninety minutes of full-on pedaling will no doubt help increase your power output and your ability to suffer.