The Do’s and Don’ts of Hand Truck Usage

Hand trucks are machines used to convey load. They are wheeled carts which aim to relieve us of what was previously a horrible chore.

These hand trucks, however, have to be used the right way. If they are not, they could cause damage to both the truck, the luggage, and the user as well as to other innocent people.

Using a hand truck is actually simple and can only be complicated through improper use. Improper usage births accident, injuries and damage to both the cart and the load.


The Do’s of Hand Truck Usage

  • Use an appropriate hand truck: Different types of hand trucks are meant for different jobs. If you need to cart luggage up a flight of stairs, use a hand truck that is extremely suitable for stairs. Normal hand trucks can go for flat ground.
  • Agree on the route you plan on taking beforehand: If you have a map of your intended route in mind, your journey is likely to progress fast. You’re also less likely to have an accident.
  • Follow the hand truck driving rules: Just as if you were driving a car, do not speed, keep your hands on the handles and your eyes on the road, and of course, do not try overtaking.
  • Wear safety gear especially if you are an employee: Safety wears for hand truck pushing include but are not limited to gloves and rubber footwear.
  • Keep the route clear and safe: Whatever route you intend to take should be kept free of obstacles. Also, ensure that your floors are free of cracks and bumps.


The Don’ts of Hand Truck Usage

  • Do not over stack: Do not attempt carrying luggage that weighs more than is comfortable.
  • Don’t attempt to push the truck back-wards: Ensure that you do not move back-wards i.e. do not pull the hand truck.
  • Do not carry heavy an unsecured load: If you are transporting a heavy load with your hand truck, ensure that you secure the load.