Follow These Tips For Taking Care of A Horse During Summer

Lots of equestrians worldwide have plans to enjoy the companies of their horses during the summer period. Truly, the summer is a glorious time to be atop a horse. Only those who have ridden one would know just how nice it is. However, due to the weather I the summer, horse riders have to ensure that their horses are well catered for before, during, and after the ride. This article has a list of thing to ensure you do to keep your horse I good health during the summer.


Tips for Taking Care of Your Horse During Summer

  1. 1. Ensure your horse is properly tacked and groomed- Tacking involves getting your horse ready for the ride. Ensure that the bridle, bit, saddle pads and other tack gear are properly fitted o the horse. This ensures the horse’s comfort as well as your safety. Improper tacking can make your horse uncomfortable ad consequently resentful to being tacked up. Also, groom your horse properly. Do not skip any routines.
    2. Ensure your horse is hydrated- Your horse needs a lot of water to cope with the heat. Try to ensure that the horse gets to drink water before, during, and after your rides.
    3. Warm-up your horse- Before riding your horse out, take it o some walks to stretch out its muscles and warm up its body. It is important in order to avoid cramping and stitches.
    4. Apply sunscreen and fly repellent to your horse- Purchase sunscreen for your horse to protect its skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Fly repellant sprays also go a long way I making the ride comfortable for your horse.
    5. Frequent baths- Due to the type of weather that the summer presets, it is important to bath your horse every frequently to protect its health. The baths wash off dirt, grub, ad all debris accumulated during rides.
    6. Rest periods- Do not push your horse too hard. Ensure that your horse gets an adequate period to rest and recuperate after and eve during rides. The rest periods should be frequent during long rides.
    7. Food and treats- Your horse is doing the job of conveying you and so, you must ensure to feed it the best of food. Undoubtedly, food plays a huge role in the health of horses and any living organism, for that matter. Asides food, reward your horse with treats for jobs well done. This creates and establishes a bond.

Aside from caring for your horse, ensure that you do not ride one without putting on protective gear. Remember, it takes just one fall from a horse to cause permanent damage.