Can You an Impact Driver to Install Drywall?

Drywall has become a more highly favored way to finish up interior aspects of buildings. Not only is drywall affordable, but it is easy to work with and screw down. With the right tools, drywall can be installed with minimum hassles and in no time at all. However, people often wonder whether drywall can be installed using a high impact driver.

What is a high impact driver?

A high impact river is a high-torque tool used for driving tools and setting nuts. They have an average RPM of 2,500. The high levels of force of impact drivers make them suitable for driving and extracting larger fasteners. Impact drivers are built to drive fasteners into tougher materials like metal and lumber.

What is needed to Install Drywall?

To install drywall, the driver must drive the fasteners into an already determined depth. The screws must be driven in with precise accuracy so that the screw heads do not break or penetrate the paper base of the drywall. If the screws are drilled in which a much deeper depth than is necessary, the paper will tear and will inevitably cause problems when it is time for taping during finishing. Similarly, if they are not drilled in deep enough, the drywall installation will not go smoothly and finishing it perfectly will be next to impossible.

Can You Use an Impact Driver to Install Drywall?

An impact driver operates at lower revolutions per minute than a drywall screw gun. However, it operates with a higher torque or force. An impact driver has too much force and not enough speed necessary for drywall installation. The fasteners usually paired with impact drivers are much larger and require more force than drywall screw. An impact driver is not built drive in fasteners like the drywall screw guns or drivers.

An impact driver functions quite differently from a drywall screw guns. Drywall screw guns are designed to drive screws at a high speed but with just enough force not to damage the drywall. Also, an impact driver would make the whole process extremely slow. The slow rotation of the impact driver is power-packed and is not suitable for materials such as drywall. Simply put, an impact driver cannot install drywall without ruining it. If you want to rightly install drywall, pick one of the best drywall screw guns to do the job for you.