The Military Saddle Blanket For Tail Riding

Both the US cavalry and the European cavalry forces used folded wool felt blankets for a reason, or a number of reasons: Must Read: Best Saddle Pad For Trail Riding

  • They kept their horses back sound while riding 45 – 50 km every day with heavy equipment, trying hard to minimize any friction.
  • When they are sweaty, they are refolded so you would be able to put a clean, dry side on your horse.
  • When it is extremely dirty, you would simply need to wash and hang to dry.
  • They are multi-purpose and they also double as a cool off blanket or (and this might be something the die-hard distance riders might find appealing) as a warm cover for the rider at night.

You can try to fold the blanket like the cavalry once did, and after that is done, you put it under the endurance saddle. Then you ride. You will notice that you will have a smooth ride. The added layers (from the folded blanket) will cushion the horse’s movement against yours, and the difference between just an ordinary saddle and a cushioned one will be noticed.

More Comfort for the Rider and Less Discomfort for the Horse

There are wool saddle blankets available on the market that are exquisite quality and that compare to the original cavalry blankets, assuring you of a long-lasting quality, durability, and functionality as a saddle blanket.

Friction and Your Horse’s Back

You know that thing where you rub your palms together for a long time until they start to get hot, and could even get a wound from doing so? And when you put a handkerchief in between your palms and rub, you do not get any wound because that would cushion the effects. Well, that is friction.

If your horse’s back is subjected to too much friction, it could lead to:

  • Muscular soreness.
  • Damaged or inflamed hair follicles.
  • Calluses and hair loss.