How To Choose The Right Saddle Pad For Your Horse

As a rider, you should know just how much equipment is needed for both you and your horse. Some, we probably do not need but end up buying anyway. But there is one thing that is very vital for your horse’s comfort, and that is a quality saddle pad.

But before we dive into this, what is a saddle pad? If you are a new rider and do not know much about horse riding, and what the purpose of a saddle pad is, well, it is very easy.

A saddle pad fits under a saddle, just against the horse’s skin, with a few uses to its been there: cushioning the saddle, providing support and protection for the horse’s back, and to help absorb sweat.

There are a few different types of saddle pads, and they may seem quite confusing when it comes down to deciding which one to pick.

The Different Types Of Best Saddle Pad For Trail Riding

Western Versus English Saddle Pads

One of the most common differences between the types of saddle pads is whether they are western or English. The difference between these two pads is that they are made to go under their respective types of saddle.

Western saddle pads are designed more like blankets, they are rectangular or square shaped and are made from wool or any similar material.

The type that you most likely will be used to or would end up using would be the English saddle pad. English saddle pads are typically thicker and more padded than the western pads; they also come in a few different shapes. Some of these pads come in a rectangular or square shape, while some are fitted and closely resemble the shape of your horse.

Dressage Saddle Pads

Dressage saddle pads are commonly used for those who are taking part in the discipline since they nicely fit under a dressage saddle. They are a very versatile bunch and can be used for regular hacking as well  as under most circumstances.