The Riding Boots Low Down

Riding boots have been a favorite among fashion lovers for decades, gaining popularity in the 1980s, an they have remained popular even to this day. They are comfortable, versatile, and are warm, too. They are great for any look.

Riding boots, for years, have been a closet favorite, although, they originally served a purpose, designed to protect the kegs of horse riders from being pinched by the leather of a saddle, and to comfortably hold the foot in a stirrup.

A number of quite popular boot styles have emerged, like the hunt boots which have a top cuff, field boots laced partially and the ever-recognizable cowboy boot. Most of these styles have been taken by fashion gurus who gave them a more design lead appeal as opposed to the more practical ones.

Naturally, all the Best Horseback Riding Boots For Beginners are made from smooth leather, usually leather from cowhide, and this still remains a favorite, with softer, finer quality leather that makes the prices of boots see a spike. Materials like synthetic leather vinyl, and canvas have also become popular. Design features like quilting and contrast stitching have also become popular features of riding boots design, as well other aesthetic additions like buttons and buckles.

Wearing Riding Boots

When it comes to wearing riding boots, there’s hardly anything that you cannot wear with them. When they first gained popularity in the 1980s, wearing them with a midi length skirt was a rave, and to some degree, it still is a popular choice. As time went on, wearing them over jeans or leggings was the way people went.

Riding boots are mostly worn during the winter seasons, they are durable, warm, and are timelessly stylish, making them a great alternative when ankle boots or shoes won’t do the job. They are the perfect footwear when you are in search of a look that is easy going with a slouchy jumper and leggings, they can also be dressed up as easily with tights, a tailored skirt, and a blouse.