Best Riding Helmet For Hot Weather

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As the summer progresses, equestrians who have been occupied during other periods of the year are likely to decide to spend quality time with their horses. The idea of enjoying the slow strolls or the speedy gallops most likely appeals to every horse rider. However, it could turn out to be an extremely awful ordeal. This is because of the heat and poor riding helmets.

Riding atop a horse with the sun’s rays insisting on licking your eyeballs is a very uncomfortable experience. Also, if you decide to practice safety habits by wearing riding apparatus such as a helmet, the heat is likely to be maddening.

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So, it is important to ensure that if you have plans for horse riding, you also have plans for a helmet that will make the effort worth it. Whichever helmet you pick must be able to shield your eyes as well as allow heat to circulate around your head.

Best Horse Riding Helmets For Hot Weather

ProductFeatureOur Rating
Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet For Hot WeatherSafest Riding Helmet4.8/5
Troxel Spirit Performance HelmetBest OVERALL Helmet for hot weather4.7/5
Ovation Protege HelmetBest Ventilated for hot weather4.6/5
Troxel Sport Schooling HelmetBest for Kids, Youth Rider4.6/5
IRH Equi-Pro HelmetBest for Oval Head For Hot Weather4.4/5
  1. Dakota Performance Helmet – Our Best Riding Helmet For Hot Weather

The Dakota Performance Helmet is a great companion for a horse riding trip in hot weather. It is safe, secure, and trustworthy. It is fitted with an extended visor. Furthermore, the visor is designed to protect against the sun.

Most importantly, the Dakota Performance Helmet comes with vents specially designed to let air in. The vents are wide enough and are covered with mesh. They are fitted in using air channel technology. In addition, the helmet is lightweight and will not be heavy to wear.

Aside from its main features, the helmet is great to look at and will fit quite well with whatever look you chose. It is actually lowkey and is finished with Martec Duratec Material Finish.


  • It is very well ventilated which consequently makes the rider comfortable.
  • Dakota performance helmet is not heavy and it is easy to wear.
  • It takes on a cool design and look. The helmet will not put you out of place.
  • Certified by ASTM


  • The Dakota Performance Helmet is not cheap. However, it is not expensive either.


  1. Troxel Liberty Riding Helmet

Designed for the modern rider, this helmet is beautiful to look at. It is very secure and can be used for multipurpose riding. Of course, it is lightweight. It does not weigh the rider down in any way.

The inbuilt vents are large consequently providing suitable ventilation. The helmet has six of the vents. Each vent uses the air channel technology to provide a more comfortable riding experience.

Also, the visor, though normal-sized, shields the user effectively from the bright sun.

The helmet has color and texture variations. You can choose to acquire the matte variation or the glossy one.


  • It has six vents which use the latest technology to keep you cool while riding
  • The headliner is removable and washable. This will help keep your helmet clean and fresh.
  • It features a dial-fit system to help your helmet fit your head perfectly well.
  • The Troxel Liberty Helmet is ASTM/SIE-certified
  • It is affordable


  1. IRH Elite Extreme Riding Helmet

This helmet is a favorite of equestrians around the globe. It is fitted with vents that supply air into the helmets. The vents are optimally positioned in order to maximize the comfort experienced. The work which the vents do is complemented by the internal lining material. The material placed on the inside absorbs and dries up the sweat. It can be removed and washed to preserve as well as keep in good condition.

Safety is a big feature of the IRH Elite Extreme Riding Helmet Matte Black. It has a wrap-harness which helps keep the helmet in place. The wrap of the harness is made of soft leather which brings no discomfort to your face. The IRH helmet is a great chiefly because it was designed for comfort and safety.

The outer body of the helmet is as easy to clean as the internal lining. The visor is wide and firm and will definitely shade the rider’s eyes from the sun.


  • Absorbent lining created to eradicate any discomfort.
  • Big vents placed thoughtfully to allow free flow of air.
  • Comfortable harness
  • USA/SEI certified


  • It is not inexpensive. However, if you do not mind coughing up extra cash for quality and comfort, this is for you.


  1. One K Defender Riding Helmet

First of all, this helmet is made of synthetic suede covered in polycarbonate; it is beautiful to look at. One K Defender has a design that makes people who have no need for a riding helmet want it. It comes in both glossy and matte variants. The outer part is easy to wash and clean It neither takes time nor energy to see it through.

The interior is laid with anti-microbial material that is absorbent. The material is also removable and washable. The vents placed at the sides are covered with a stainless steel mesh.

The One K Defender Helmet is protected. It has a harness which is made of comfortable material. It is fitted with a visor that shades the rider’s eyes.


  • Lined with anti-microbial material which absorbs sweat
  • Beautiful outer body
  • The provided vents allow for an adequate amount of air to pass through.
  • ASTM/CE EN certified


Each helmet on this list is capable of providing a safe, enjoyable, and stress-free ride for you. To pick out the right helmet, you should decide what features are most important to you. Your decision will help you narrow down your choice.

What To Consider Before Picking A Horse Riding Helmet For Hot Weather

Air vents present: Nothing is as terrible as a hot head in a hot helmet. Any helmet which you choose must have terrific air vents that will let cool air pass through. This is important chiefly because of comfort and also for health reasons. If the helmet you wear for horse riding has vents for ventilation, heat will not be an issue while riding horses.

Interior lining material: Good riding helmets have interior linings that are designed to absorb sweat and perspiration. When wearing such helmets for equestrians, you’ll see that they feel comfortable and firm. Although the material type may differ, it should ultimately do the same job of absorbing.

Comfort: There are many things that can make a riding helmet comfortable. Some helmets have straps to ensure they stay on the chin. This is extremely useful especially for kids who have small heads. If the strap is not present, the helmets could fall off. The straps make it easy to adjust the fitting. Another thing that can make helmets comfortable is weight. Depending on the helmet’s style, the weight differs. If it is too heavy, your head will feel hot and burdened after a short while on the horse. The comfort of your helmet also depends on the liner. If the liner used is soft, it is easily a plus for riders. The liner also helps absorb riders’ sweats.

You also have to watch the sizes you pick. No matter how good a helmet is, if you pick the wrong sizes, it will never be comfortable. The level of comfort you receive can be marred by wrong sizing.

Length and size of visors: The visors are like a shade from the sun. Although a helmet can still protect you without a good visor style, a visor is compulsory for keeping out the sun’s rays. A visor offers riders protection from the sun. Some visors are removable so you can tweak and replace them as you wish. It basically depends on the style.

Of course helmets are very important for safety. Riding horses without a riding helmet is dangerous; one bad fall on a ride can end your life. People ride horses like that risk a fall which can result in damage to the head, or worse, to the brain and skull. Even if you feel the route you and your horse will take is danger free, you need to be extra careful and ensure you have protection whether it is the summer or not.

Sports, generally can be dangerous if one doesn’t follow the rules for protection. An impact to the head can be extremely fatal. Riding without a helmet has more cons that pros. The only advantage is the breeze. However, if you decide on buying and wearing helmets with standards, you will experience cool ventilation.