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Horse riding is becoming as popular as it used to be when it was a major means of transportation. In the United States, for instance, about 30 million people ride horses. This results in 60,000 emergency department visit yearly. So here we are reviewing some products for Best Horse Riding Helmet.

While some of these accidents are caused by unpreventable and unforeseen occurrences, a lot of them could have been prevented through the use of safety gear such as horse riding helmets also known as horse riding hats.

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There are various horseback riding helmets on the market. Apart from the popular and pricey ones such as the helmet Charles Owen, there are other dependable and affordable choices.

Choosing the best ones depends on how much you know about them. Knowing how to choose the right riding helmet is as important as buying one. A bad helmet is almost as bad as no helmet.

Best Horse Riding Helmet – Quick Answer

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Best Horse Riding Helmet 2022 Review

  1. Ovation Deluxe Schooler Horseback Riding Helmet

The Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet is probably one of the best helmets there is out there. It is great for both professional and leisure riders. Not only is it lightweight, but it also has high flow channels to ensure you enjoy air from the helmet while wearing it.

The helmet also has absorbent material to soak up perspiration during use. The material can be removed and cleaned in order to keep your helmet fresh. It is pretty easy to clean the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet as it is finished with a rubber-like material. This also implies that it can withstand water. This riding helmet is suitable for equestrians of all ages because you can adjust the dial to make it fit. The visors of the helmet are also detachable.

The Ovation Deluxe Schooler helmet is for all genders as well as sizes. They come in the sizes from the smallest to the largest. The helmets also come in various colors. However, black is the most popular color.

This model of Ovation helmets is often referred to as ‘low profile’. This is because there is nothing loud about it. It looks capable, durable and equestrian-worthy. Most importantly, this helmet will improve your experience while riding a horse.


    • It is lightweight
    • The helmet is made of leather with a rubberized finish
    • Adjustable dial and teeth
    • Perfectly ventilated
    • Detachable visors
    • Removable lining which can be washed
    • Secure and safe
    • It comes with an exclusive YKK adjuster clip and buckle


  • Available for all: The Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet comes in all sizes and so everyone can buy it.
  • Weight: The helmet does not weigh much and is very easy to wear.
  • Easy to clean and use: The material of the helmet makes it easy to make neat. The lining is also easily removed and is made out of material that is easy to wash.
  • Durable clip and buckle: The exclusive clip and buckle paired with the helmet do not snap as easily as others do. They are good for long term use.


  1. Troxel Rebel Performance Horse Riding Helmet

One of the best things about the Rebel Helmet is how comfortable it is. Almost every customer who purchased, used, and dropped a review of the helmet spoke on just how comfortable it is. And truly it is all that and more. This horse riding helmet is very affordable.

The helmet weighs so little and is so unobtrusive that it is quite possible to forget that you are wearing any riding gear atop your head. If you dislike riding helmets because of how uncomfortable they are, you will no doubt like the Rebel Helmet.

In addition to its lightness, it has an adjustable elastic strap. The adjustable elastic strap is put at the back in place of the dial-a-size knob which is visible in other helmets. The Troxel Rebel Performance also allows ventilation and does not disturb hearing or vision when in use.

Most importantly, the Troxel Rebel Performance Helmet is very secure. In reviews, users have reported being spared their lives as a result of using the helmet. It is available in black and blue.


  • Unobtrusive to wear
  • Secure
  • The headliner is also detachable and washable.
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Honeycomb-mesh covered venting areas


  • Affordable: The Rebel Helmet is not expensive. What’s more? It certainly gives value for your money.
  • Comfortable: It is to wear even for long hours at a time. It doesn’t get hot as a result of good ventilation.
  • Buckle closure: The buckle closure makes it very easy to secure this horse riding hat.


  • Sizing: There is usually a problem with the sizing. However, If you are interested in purchasing it, the best way to do so is to ensure you review the stated measurements on the website in order to get one that fits.


  1. Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Riding Helmet

  • Material: High-density ABS
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 8 inches
  • ASTM and SEI approved?: Yes

The Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet was built to provide extra safety. Not only does it provide superior resistance to impact, but it also provides increased protection.

The back shell of the helmet has a contoured drop. Also, its interior part is covered with foam in order to protect the ride no matter how hard the fall is. Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet has venting areas located at the back and front. The vents reduce any possible discomfort.

The visor attached is flexible and can be adjusted. Also, it has a reflective strip which is located at the back. The helmet comes with a booklet and guide which informs prospective buyers on what helmet size fits them.

The Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet is a great solution for people for riders who cannot find sizes that are large enough for them. This model has a wide range of sizes and colors including black.


  • Top and back vents which share the task of ventilation
  • High-quality ad lightweight ABS material
  • Increased impact absorption
  • Contoured drop back shell
  • Padded interior
  • Flexible visor
  • Rear reflective strip


  • Comes with a padding material that  can be customized: The interior padding material can be comfortably customized
  • Comfortable: Wearing the Tipperary Sportage Equestrian Sport Helmet is non-obstructive.
  • Affordable: The helmet falls within the affordable range.


  • Head Structure: The helmet best fits users with a bit of a round head structure. However, even if your head has a vastly different shape, you can insert the pads to make up.


  1. Troxel Spirit Performance Horseback Riding Helmet

  • Helmet Material: High-density ABS
  • Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 8 inches
  • ASTM and SEI approved?:  Yes

The Spirit Performance Helmet is a great one especially if you are looking for a variety of sizes. It has a very smooth and low-key look. The helmet is low-profile and is not attention-demanding in any way. It is designed to be very snug and fit.

The buckle closure ensures that it does not have a chance to come loose. It is paired with a flex tip visor that fits perfectly on the helmet. The headliner of the visor comes with an air-channel technology to reduce heat and perspiration which form as a result of using the helmet. It is also detachable and can be washed by hand.


  • The helmet is fitted with a standard dial system
  • Detachable and washable headliner
  • Air channel technology
  • Visor with a flex tip


  • Available in all sizes: These helmets are produced in a wide range of sizes. People with larger or smaller heads are likely to find the right size. It is also mildly adjustable and will consequently snugly fit more people.
  • Extensive coverage: This model was designed to offer more protection and coverage than a lot of other helmets.
  • Affordable- The helmet is inexpensive, yet efficient.


  1. Troxel Riding Performance Helmet

  • Material: 20% mesh
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • ASTM and SEI approved?: Yes

The Troxel Riding Performance is designed boldly. It has a full-coverage design which ensures that it protects the horse rider maximally. The Troxel Riding Performance Helmet is perfect for riders of all sizes. Each helmet offers the same quality content.

The buckle closure made present in The Troxel Riding Helmet ensures that it fits snugly of the rider’s head. However, the buckle cannot fix a case of a selected helmet of the wrong size. The dial-fit system also contributes to the firmness of the riding helmet.

The riding helmet Troxel features a flex tip visor as well as a flip-fold headliner. The headliner can be removed and washed. The headliner is to be hand washed. The Troxel Riding Performance reduces heat with the air channel technology present.


  • Fitted buckle closure
  • It is paired with a dial-fit
  • Flex tip visor
  • The removable headliner that can also be washed
  • Air channel technology


  • Affordable: The Troxel Riding Performance helmet is not pricey. It is moderate and provides enough protection
  • Ventilation: The cap is provided air through the ‘air channel technology’.


  1. Ovation’s Women Protege Matte Riding Helmet

  • Helmet Material: Made of high-density ABS material
  • Dimensions: 11.3 x 8.8 x 8 inches
  • ASTM and SEI approved?: Yes

Generally, Ovation provides quality apparel. Not only do they make great riding helmets, but also for dressage, riding, hunter/jumper and even for schooling. Ovation’s products are quality and this is no exception. The riding helmet is of matte texture and is created ideally for women. As is expected, it is lightweight and also low profile.

The helmet is made of high-quality ABS material. It is designed to be more protective. The back shell is extended. This is coupled with an adjustable dial. As expected, the Ovation helmet has the Exclusive YKK adjuster buckle and clip. The visor made present is placed thoughtfully. Due to its placement, it does not hamper riding in any way.

Inside of the helmet is lined with mesh in order to make the helmet more comfortable. The interior lining makes it even more comfortable. The helmet ensures that there is a good temperature level. This is done through vents. The ones in the Ovation’s Women Protege Riding Helmet has are made of stainless steel. They ensure ventilation and in essence, temperature check.

Most importantly, this model of Ovation helmets is designed to be extra safe and comfortable. It is available in black and two other colors.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Carefully shaped back and visor
  • Easily adjustable dial
  • Exclusive YKK adjuster clip and buckle


  • Not heavy- This matte helmet was created to reduce the bother of wearing a helmet. It is easy to wear without disturbing your sight or hearing.
  • Very attractive texture: The riding helmet has a lovely matte texture that makes it attractive.
  • Comfortable- The internal lining as well as the adjustable dial work hand in hand to make the helmet enjoyable.
  • Well ventilated helmet: The stainless steel vents ensure that your ride is not ruined by heat.
  • Price: The Ovation’s Women Protege Riding Helmet is one of the most affordable helmets with this level of comfort and safety.


  1. Troxel Sport Schooling Riding Safety Horseback Helmet

  • Material: Leather
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • SEI approved?- Yes

This Troxel model is extremely durable and safe. It was designed to fit the modern-day equestrian. It is lightweight and hence, fits snugly on the users head. Wearing it from long periods of time will cause no damage to the user.

The helmet is well ventilated which further adds to the level of comfort a rider can glean from it. It has seven cooling vents which make it perfect for riding in a hot climate.

The helmet does not look flashy. It has a safe and sturdy look. It is designed to protect riders while giving off modern vibes. The headliner is fitted to complete the build. It can also be removed and fixed back easily. Most importantly, it can also be easily washed and cleaned.


  • The visor is fitted in
  • Well ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • The headliner is also removable and washable


  • Affordable: Although this helmet is inexpensive, it is of high quality. Comfortable: The helmet is quite comfortable to wear despite the weather.


  1. Equi-Lite Schooling Helmet For Kids

This helmet is better suited for young riders. It is designed to look athletic and smart on young riders. Even without any other helmet accessories, a child can be safe while riding.

Most importantly, Equi Lite helmet has 9 venting ports to keep air circulation going. The dial can be tightened by loosened by spinning. The helmet has a three-point harness as well as a clip buckle.


  • Nine venting ports
  • Easy to adjust
  • Does not weigh the wearer down
  • Padded interiors


  • Suitable for children: This helmet was designed to satisfy children who are learning how to ride.
  • Stand-alone: Unlike some helmets designed for kids, you do not need to review accessories that the helmet needs. The helmet is a stand-alone headgear and can protect a rider.
  • Price: The helmet is also affordable and nice to look at.


A lot of riders (especially those with experience) shun the idea of purchasing some particular pieces of equipment for riding a horse such as a helmet, a quality harness, and even riding boots. They demean the huge importance these apparatus have.

The fact is it takes only one fall off a horse to end or damage a life. While a horse is a wondrous animal, it is quite dangerous when spooked or undergoing dressage.

Using a standard horse riding helmet or hat greatly reduces the rider's chances of a grave injury even if there is a fall from the horse. If you are not prepared to protect yourself, you should not be atop a horse. The best thing a rookie rider can teach him/herself is not to treat important gear as non-compulsory accessories.

Equestrians worldwide would likely tell you that getting the right gear is an important part of horse riding. Most of these gears are not expensive especially when you consider what they protect. If you have decided to newly take up horse riding, or even if you are an old hand at it, you do not need the right gear, you need the best gear.

How to Choose The Best Horse Riding Helmet

1. Consider who you are picking the helmet out for: If you are picking out for a child, you will need different features from someone picking out for an adult. They are some types, however, that both adults and children can share.

2. Consider the primary needs and preferences of the proposed user: Before picking a helmet, consider just what the user will need. A good riding helmet should fit your head perfectly in order to be comfortable. It must neither be too tight nor too loose. Furthermore, it should be a few centimeters above your eyebrows.

3. Consider the price- Decide just how much you are willing to spend on it. Also, know that an expensive item is not necessarily the best. However, if you want a quality item, you should be ready to part with a reasonable sum.

4. Only purchase helmets that are approved by recognized authorities- While it may be a great thing to give the new kid on the block a try, you are better off experimenting with something less vital. Approved helmets have been tried and tested. Therefore, they reduce the risk of buying an unsuitable item.

Things to Consider When Picking Out A The Best Horseback Riding Helmets

1. Safety: Safety is the reason you are using a helmet anyway. If a helmet cannot protect you, there is no need to wear it. Helmets that have been deemed safe have been tested and certified by ASTM, SEI, or other relevant bodies.

2. Ventilation: An equestrian riding helmet that looks cute or sleek is not a good choice if it does not let you enjoy your ride. Using a helmet without circulation space for oxygen to pass through is uncomfortable. It distracts the rider from things that demand quality attention. Apart from being uncomfortable, it is very dangerous health-wise. A helmet with an avenue for air to pass through is very compulsory.

3. Dial Fitting: It is not very possible for a manufacturer to create a helmet that fits everyone’s head exactly. And so, what manufacturers do is that they include dials. The dials help users adjust the helmet to fit their heads perfectly. A helmet with a good and adjustable dial is important especially for children who are still growing.

4. Weight- A horseback riding helmet must not be heavy. If a helmet weighs a lot, you are not likely to enjoy your ride. A light helmet is made of a material which is easy to lift. Wearing a heavy helmet can cause a headache or impede hearing while it is being worn.

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How Long Can I Use A Riding Helmet Before I Need To Replace?

Horse riding is serious business therefore, a riding helmet should not be used for longer than 5 years at maximum.

Similar to a harness a helmet does not ‘expire' rather, it wears out. If you encounter a major accident with your helmet, change it after. A helmet that took a strong hit may look fine but is certainly better off changed.

There are quite a number of helmets to pick from. However, if you carefully consider what you need, you are likely to make the right choice.