Top 10 Best Colloidal Silver Generator in 2020

Welcome to our site: YouselectIt. We reviewed the Best Colloidal Silver Generator in the market. Our review on You Select It was carried out to help you decide on the best colloidal silver generators for the money. The best colloidal silver generators are made from stellar quality materials, have the right level of thermal conductivity, surface charge, as well as stability, and density, and they work very well.

Best Colloidal Silver Generator – Quick Answer

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Best Colloidal Silver Generator Review

Here is our list of the best colloidal silver generators.

  1. IONEXX Nano Colloidal Silver Generator

SCORE: 9.0

The IONEXX colloidal silver generator is the first home appliance to ever use ultrasound when manufacturing silver nanoparticles. It is the first product in this batch of the best colloidal silver generators not only of its original materials but also because of how well it works. This device evolves silver colloidal technology while it adds to the effectiveness of the production of high silver hydrosol.

The ultrasound impacts the silver nanoparticles by flooding its electromagnetic field with sound waves, accelerating the loss of electrons, and also shaping its nano-size menu features through the contraction.

The invention of this brings an end to the problem of clumping particles, improvement of the magnetic and bubble stirring, and gives a standard recommendation of 10-nanometer size in approximately 20 minutes.

This gives a set of qualities like a higher thermal conductivity, a surface charge, density, and stability. It provides an ideal particle size and distribution, surface area, and reactivity in a solution unit.

The IONX is synced with the iPhone and Android timer application that lets you know just when the product is complete at a recommended 10 nanometer-size particles. It weighs 1 pound and has a dimension of 2.2 x 2.2 x 7 inches. This quality generator has great reviews all round, which is a plus as reviews hint at the quality of products.


  1. Compact EZ-2 Colloidal Silver Generator Package (By LifeForce Devices)

SCORE: 8.2

The manufacturer of this product is in the market to create silver products that are of high quality and affordable.

The Compact EZ-2 Colloidal Silver Generator Model has two 6-inch 14 gauge 9999 pure silver wire. The package includes a power supply and case assembly, plastic scrubber, a spoon, clear vinyl case, thermometer, digital timer, a detailed photographic operating instruction, and two publications that are products of research.

Depending on the period this unit is made use of, the EZ-2 makes both clear and yellow cs.


Its smallest silver particles are produced at 5 ppm to 10 ppm, and larger silver particles that reflect yellow, orange, and red lights are produced as close concentration increases.

With this high-quality colloidal silver generator, you do not need laser pointers or TDS meters. You do not need to fumble with cords and clips to attach silver wires that dangle close to the lid of the container. It also has a moderate price.


  1. Portable Colloidal Silver Generator Kit with Water

SCORE: 8.0

The Portable colloidal silver generator is a current limiting colloidal silver generator. Throughout its working process, it continually supplies water. It has TD meters and an appealing water-resistant zipper bag.

This is a small but very effective colloidal silver generator that is built with a mini air pump that works well to continually move the water, preventing the agglomeration of silver particles into larger molecules. The power of this colloidal silver is up to 30 V units to the silver electrodes, limiting the amount of current that is producing the smallest of particles. It has high thermal conductivity, a surface charge, as well as density and stability.

This colloidal silver generator comes with 2 – 6-inch pieces of 10 gauge 9999 (which is 99.99 percent) pure silver wire. Its 12-gauge wire will help people produce more gallons of colloidal silver than the thinner wires would. This generator will accept 10, 12, or 14 gauge wires. It connects with an easy spring button connector. Despite these features, this model has an okay price.

Other features include:

  • A silver lining CSAir Generator
  • A TDS meter, allowing you to see what it is that you have made.
  • A DC power converter.
  • 2 – 6-inch 10 gauge silver wires.
  • A cleaning pad.
  • A water-resistant zipper pouch.


  1. SilverGen SG7 Pro Colloidal Silver Generator

SCORE: 7.7

This product brand gives you a capacity of five gallons; it is recommended by the Silver Medicine Organization for the product’s versatility and adjustable concentration features.

Although this colloidal silver generator is larger than many other silver generators, the SG7 Pro brand makes the use of its expanded surface area to fuse together four silver electrode plates to make way for a higher current and a quicker production.

The average production time that is required to produce five gallons of colloidal silver is approximately three hours to six hours, and its potency in ppm (parts per million) is gauged accurately by using a built-in Hanna PWT unit meter.

This silver generator is termed a higher-end colloidal silver generator. Its reviews on various e-commerce sites including Amazon hint and how good of a brand it is. It is suitable for frequent, and daily usage, and its use extends from months to years.


  1. Sota Instruments Model ZBB5 Ionic Silver Colloidal Generator

SCORE: 7.5

This product also ranks high on the Silver Medicine Organization’s review of colloidal generators. The makers of these colloidal silver generators claim it is one of the cleanest machines in the market. We imagine it gets a close-to-perfect health score.

The ZBB5 model uses silver electrodes that have a grade of .9999 in purity. With this, it is the provision of an antibacterial casing and an auto-shutdown that limits the presence of contaminants in the final silver product.

The ZBB5 model, unlike that of the SilverGen SG7 Pro, maintains a low voltage, as it operates at 31 volts and 3.92 Hertz, slowly producing small quantities of silver.


  1. Biophysica CS12A Colloidal Silver Generator

SCORE: 7.0

Although this machine is advertised as a silver generator, this machine is distinct in its ability to create 12 different types of metal colloids that include gold, titanium, platinum, and selenium. People use it for a variety of tasks.

This product is a bit pricier than the other available colloidal silver generators; it comes with a complex circuitry that raises and lowers, automatically, the needed amperage during the production of colloids.

It is also touted as a slow-producing generator, utilizing large surface area silver electrodes that are graded at .9999. It can be bought for $599 (its 2010 price), with separate colloid packages and electrodes that go for $200. You can purchase Biophysica products on Amazon with shipping.


What is a Colloidal Silver Generator?

Colloidal silver generators are technological devices that make use of regular silver, electricity, and distilled water to change the behavior and form of silver particles. When colloidal silver generators are used, a solution is created. In the solution, microscopic electrically charged particles and ions of silver become suspended in the liquid. If this liquid is properly prepared by the generator, it will not have the negative side effects that prescription antibiotic medicines products have.

The best of these brands and products are created by companies that have years of experience producing such devices. It takes years of research to do, which is why it might not be so easy to create your own generator and make it have the right level of thermal conductivity, surface charge, as well as stability and density. Therefore, making a purchase and shipping a generator from Amazon might be your best option. However, if you are interested in making your own device, read till the end.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a term that, in times past, was used to refer to a variety of material products like compounds. The term, colloid was used at a time when its usage wasn’t deemed accurate when it came to scientific understanding.

The word colloid was used to describe materials that would somehow no longer apply because there was an effort made to classify the phenomenal state of materials that would normally not be a part of the common classifications and descriptions during that time.

For this reason, the word colloid was misused when describing a wide variety of materials that had great differences and have a separate meaning from what is today known as a colloid. Ever since then, the term has been given a more accurate scientific classification and description.

Although today’s science has made clear the notable differences when it comes to the use of the word colloid, its name/term colloid emerged from the errors of earlier scientific studies. And close observation. And very often, today, some scientists still make close errors.

Let’s take, for example, the truth when it comes to what precisely the word colloidal means; this is a description of the state in which a material exists in addition to a second material (which serves as a medium), not totally silver by itself. What this means is that the combination of silver and water describes a colloidal system.

Sometimes, even the word is misspelled as collodial, colodial, colloidial, or collodel. Colloidal silver was derived from an attempt by scientists to describe particles that are held in suspension in a liquid, which evenly remains in the suspension. When put under close observation, it appears to be in constant motion as the cause of being and remaining evenly distributed.


A Little More History

In the 1920s, colloidal silver was used to fight against infections, and for some other health benefits for people. In the 1800s and 1900s, people would normally drop silver coins into natural milk and other food items so as to keep it from spoiling.

One, maybe surprising to you, reason, why we use silver spoons today, is as it offers protection benefits, and this is something that has been going on for centuries. The one big problem with silver is in its nature; it is an element, and therefore, it is not easy to patent its health benefits.

And for this simple reason, many big pharmaceutical names cannot benefit from it. Silver has been employed in medicine for close to many thousands of years, and now, in the 21st century, it is even more available to us.

Let us explain the term colloidal and its natural health benefits to you a bit more.

Colloidal can also be replaced with the term particle because a true colloidal silver product will contain silver particles. So, you basically want to look for information on products that have nanoparticles in them. Very often, there are three different types of products that you can get in the market for colloidal silver, and they are; ionic silver solutions, silver protein solutions, and the true colloidal silver. However, not all of them have the right level of thermal conductivity, surface charge, as well as stability and density. And not all of them have a moderate or justified price/charge.

Let us break it down for you further.

Ionic Silver Solutions

The ionic silver solutions contain both silver particles and silver ions. As is the norm, about 90 percent of these solutions are silver. The ionic silver solutions can also be called monatomic silver, silver hydrosol, or, as it is called today, covalent silver.

True Colloidal Silver

Silver nanoparticles are the most present substances in the true colloidal silver. Silver particles take up more than 50 percent of the silver content, while the remaining, which is about 20 – 49 percent of silver will be ionic silver. You may wonder what the difference is between a silver ion and a silver particle.

Well, the difference is that a silver particle or nanoparticle is a complete atom of silver. This is different from the silver ion, which is a combination of a silver atom and an extra electron that is gained when it is bound to a water molecule.

Identifying a Safe Colloidal Silver Product by Color

Ionic silver and a true colloidal silver solution very well vary from a clear color to a dark one. The darker the color you have, the higher the concentration of the silver particles that block the light that is trying to get through the solution. You do need to be very careful of the dark solutions. When dealing with the, place them under close observation to avoid close calls. Or worse, errors.

The silver protein solutions are varied in color, from an amber hue to a dark, even almost black color. If you do not seem sure of the color, you should just shake the product. To know a silver protein, simply look for the one that foams and lasts for a few minutes after you shake it.

What Particle Concentration is Best?

When it comes to particle concentration, it really does not determine how effective the product will be, but what it can do is to give you a clue as to what type of product it is you are getting. Ionic silver and the right colloidal silver usually have in the range of 3 – 20 ppm (which stands for parts per million).

If you carry out a test on these products, you will find that the silver protein has 30 ppm and up to 20,000 ppm. These levels of concentration are not safe.

Particle Surface Area

What truly makes a colloidal silver product to be effective is its surface area. The more the surface area there is, the higher the number of surfaces of harmful organisms that you would come into contact with. Let’s make this a bit clearer. It is very close to a silver dollar.

A silver dollar has 27 grams of silver with 28 square centimeters as its surface area. If you should break up all the silver particles into their various atomic forms, you will find that the surface area of those silver particles can be measured in acres.

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What Else Should I Know About Colloidal Silver Generators?

These devices should only be handled by people who know what they are doing. For example, issues have arisen because some users made their solution using items like silver salts or silver proteins, which can be very dangerous and become a close call. Also, when purchasing a generator, it is best to buy a good one. If you purchase from a good company, you can be assured of support in case of any errors in the machine.

This is why people search quite well before purchasing these types of products. Besides, this equipment is so sensitive that it has to be appropriately built by a reputable company that has been put to the test. Each of the devices on our list has been tried and tested and is definitely one of the best you can buy from Amazon.

Is it Possible to Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Using a Generator?

There is a fact in the thought that you can buy your own generator and decide to make your own home-made colloidal silver solutions. One thing, though, that you should never do is make a silver solution using silver salts or silver proteins.

Why we say, this is because there are issues that are of major concern if you ever use those substances, issues like contamination, the silver particles being too big and ineffective, and the case of coming up argyria.

For the generators, although, you can certainly make your own solutions in your own home. There are things that you do need to consider, though. Regardless of your medical conditions or state of health, ensure to be at terms with your medical doctor and your family members. People have made costly mistakes due to ignoring this simple and easy rule.

You would need an investment of time and money to get the required equipment and would have to go through the task of learning just how to use it. Any company that makes colloidal silver generators has invested years of research. You would also need to make sure that you carry out this exercise in a sterile environment.

The most important of all is you need to make sure that you get a pure colloidal silver product. Also, you must ensure that your generator has the right level of thermal conductivity, surface charge, as well as stability and density. In the end, it is probably best to search for a company made one. You can process purchases and shipping from Amazon.


A professional colloidal silver generator holds an exceptional design in performance and capacities. The need for a specific colloidal generator depends upon the availability and capabilities of it. If one particular colloidal silver generator is in the market for long and still in need, then it’s one of the best.


For excellent quality, you should not seek the difference in price, however, still, it’s a vital essential to consider. A particular colloidal silver generator worth its price depending on the performance. It’s best to compare the prices online before purchasing one.


Depending on the use, the colloidal silver generator is available in different sizes. Only a user can define the need for it to select the best size. For a new user, it is recommended to survey on the internet about different sizes and explore their uses to be sure about it.


The sturdiness of the best colloidal silver generator depends on several factors, such as the equipment used, their assembly, and the method chosen for development. Sometimes brand also impacts the durability of the device.


The material varies from one manufacturer to another. However, your selection depends on the use of the device. It’s your decision in the end where you will use the generator and which material is suitable for this.


This part is very significant in selecting the perfect colloidal silver generator for you. If you need a professional colloidal silver generator that you can store for a long time, then you must look for one that is compact and lower in size and weight. Durability, on the other hand, is also a vital factor. Your storage needs will impact on all the elements that relate.

Customer Rating

This is by far the most elegant way of yielding a source to get the best colloidal silver generator. The customer reviews and ratings allow you to decide if this product is worth buying or not. However, the best way is to try the generator yourself once you have it in your hands.


Last but not least, having a brand’s warranty is very important. You might not find the product useful, or it’s showing flaws in performance, then you can return the product and claim a refund. If the colloidal silver generator you are buying is not offering the warranty, then you should try another competent brand.