Things To Look Out For When Buying A Compact Mobile Printer

Printer Design

Typically, the lighter the mobile printer the better. As you look at your mobile printer, you should look at its dimensions to see if it will be able to fit inside the carrier you use like a laptop bag or a backpack.

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Another thing to look for is its battery life. Check to see how many documents you can print or how many days you can go before you would need to recharge the battery. If you feel that you need to plug the battery in regularly, then know that this will impact the printer’s portability.


When buying any kind of printer, one thing that should stand out to you is the print quality, so you might need to look at different machines and see how they print with a close inspection. Since you probably won’t compare sample documents side by side in person as you choose a printer, you might want to compare their print resolutions, which shows you just how much detail a printer can recreate in images.

The higher the numbers, the better the resolution. The smaller, high-resolution printers usually are on the high side. With this you just might have to compromise on both resolution and portability so you can find something that is within your price range.

The more flexibility you have in your paper the better.

Ink and Media

You would want to check to see what type of cartridges your inkjet compact printer uses. If it takes in high-yield cartridge, you can shave off a few cents per page. You might also consider a printer that makes use of thermal print technology like the PocketJet PJ723, although, with this printer, the paper that it uses comes with its own expense.

You should give some attention to the printer’s regular output specifications, including the maximum number of pages that the manufacturer suggests you print per month, which is called the monthly duty cycle. If you regularly print above the given amount, you will wear the machine down faster and cause damage, so, you should make sure that the duty cycle matches your printing needs.