8 Safety Tips for Clay Pigeon Shooting

Although clay pigeon shooting involves guns that are often looked at as dangerous, it is a very safe sport if you follow the correct instructions and use the right tools. If you are venturing newly into the world of clay pigeon shooting and would like to know what to do to ensure your safety, read on. This post has got you covered.

8 Safety Tips for Clay Pigeon Shooting

Wear ear protection- Protecting your ear when shooting is very important. The gun is held at close range and shots may affect your ears if they are not protected. It is better to spend on body protection items than to spend to treat yourself when the consequences begin.

Wear eye protection must be worn when shooting– Similar to the ear, the eye is important. Due to the way the guns are held, you can never be too careful. However, you are more likely to get away refusing to use eye protection than you if you refuse to wear ear protection.

Wear head protection– A shooting hat or cap should be worn when you are engaging in clay pigeon shooting.

Always put on safe clothing– Do not wear clothing that could impair your ability to shoot correctly. High heels, those tight skinny jeans, restricting clothes, baggy wears, and the likes are all poor choices for clay pigeon shooting. Wear clothes that you can move freely in. Also, wear shoes that put you at a smaller risk of slipping and breaking a limb. Or two.

Do not load guns when they are not to be used– If you know you are not ready to shoot immediately, take out the cartridges from your gun. Accidental fire is a real and dangerous thing. Do not carry guns that are loaded with cartridges when you are at a firing site.

Use the safest instruments– Ensure you use only the safest guns created for pigeon shooting as well as only the best clay pigeon shooting throwers. Getting new pieces of equipment may be expensive. But at least, you can buy them. You can’t buy a new eye.

Do not manage bad instruments- if it looks bad, it probably is bad. Going ahead to use bad instruments indicates a frightfully low IQ. Do not do this. You o not want to die doing something as safe as clay pigeon shooting.

Do not drink alcohol during or closely before shooting– Similar to managing bad instruments, drinking alcohol during clay pigeon shooting tells us how smart a person is. And that is not very smart. Alcohol impairs judgement. Save the wine and cold bears for later, please.