5 Ways to Become a Better Equestrian

Horse riding is challenging enough as a hobby, but when taken seriously, it becomes even more challenging. You may have felt you were ‘good enough’ but when you see riders who seem to speak ‘horse’, you realize you are not even close to good. Quite a number of riders have admitted to feeling like ‘frauds’ for calling themselves equestrians after seeing the real ‘pros’ at it. However, the fact is that every professional was once a rookie. Every professional admitted to having wondered if they were just wasting their times. But, they did not quit. Rather, they worked harder, and of course, did some things which this post intends to educate you on.

5 Ways to Become a Better Equestrian


Have you noticed that a lot of boxers inform us about how they make sure to study their opponents before a fight? This is a very important habit you need to develop. While you may not have an opponent, you still need to study other successful riders. Study their skills, habits, and pretty much everything they do that is horse-related. Ensure that you glean pieces of knowledge ever-so-often from these riders. If you do not have a local farm or barn, try searching YouTube for some equestrian videos. Of course, after researching, be sure to practice.


Spending time with your horse doesn’t have to be strictly about riding. Each time you groom your horse, take your time to bond with it. Such a bond will prove important if you are to improve.


Do not stick to one trainer because he is comfortable. Do not refuse to step out because your current trainer thinks the world of your skills and makes sure to tell you. Take on a different trainer. No one has it all and you are sure to learn more if you tap into different sources of knowledge. Step out of your comfort zone and find growth. Aside from trying out different trainers, take on different horses especially those noted as ‘difficult’ or ‘stubborn’. One sure-fire way not to improve is to keep doing things the same way. Try out new trainers and new horses


Granted, the tools do not make the workman. But at the same time, a workman is nothing without his tools. Getting that useful, albeit expensive, equipment will complement your skills and improve your experience. Consider splurging on that helmet, riding boots or saddle pad you’ve been ignoring. It can only be an addition. However, keep in mind that ‘expensive’ is not synonymous to ‘quality’.


This goes without saying. It is common knowledge that practice makes perfect. You can’t get better if you do not give yourself the chance to. Stop treating horse riding as a hobby, treat it as a duty. However, do not forget to have fun. Your horse will feel your tensed up emotions if there are any. Ensure that you are doing what you love, and most importantly, believe in yourself. You got this.