How to Replace a Flat-Free Hand Truck Wheel

When using any appliance, it is likely to have problems once in a while. These problems are often not as serious as the reaction they cause and can be fixed without having to visit a professional. Visits to professionals are often expensive and not needed.

Follow these steps replace a flat free hand truck wheel. While carrying out this procedure, wear safety gear to avoid any injuries.

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Tools Needed:

  • A worktop table or any ordinary table that is wide and flat enough
  • Hammer and pliers
  • New wheel
  • New lock washers are needed only if the old ones are damaged

How to Replace a Flat-Free Hand Truck Wheel


Place your hand truck on the worktop table. You are to try to make it immobile while you work on it. Direct the handles as well as the package spade downwards. The wheels should be pointed towards you for easy access.


If your hand truck has an axle end cap, remove it. If not, proceed to step 3.


Locate the cotter pin on your truck. Place a hand on the truck and when you locate the bent part, use a plier to straighten it. When that is done, you should be able to see the pin. Using your pliers, gently but firmly pull it out.


If your hand truck is designed with a cotter pin, first hold the assembly on the axle, then use the pliers to straighten the bent area to find the pin. Gently grip the pin end with the pliers. Maneuver the pin around and pull it out from the assembly. There may also be some flat washers around the axle, remove them before replacing the wheel.


Determine if the truck has a lock washer. If it does you will need to remove it. To do so, place the pliers on the lock washer. You will need to hit the pliers with the hammer which will result in the lock washer breaking. When it is weakened or broken you can easily remove it. The next step is the main one.


The old wheel should easily come out now. Take it off and pick up the new wheel. In the same manner which you removed the old wheel, slide it in. Ensure that it is as firm as the one you removed.


If you took out a flash washer, now is the time to replace it. When that is done insert the previously removed cotter pin into its hole. The cotter pin should lay on the axle. If you can recall, you unbent the previous one. And so, with the same method, bend this one against the axle.


Replace the lock washer. Ensure it firmly grips the handle.