Video Game Blogging Tips

If you are here seeking tips as a video game blogger, that means that you already have a few things put in place.  Things like having a domain, web hosting, and a WordPress blog with a custom gaming theme that are configured with a few plugins.

If all of these are put in place, all that is left for you to do is to start blogging and building your brand. Here is where the greasing of the elbow and some fortitude is needed; but first, you would need to know what it is you want to be putting up for your visitors to read.

As a gaming blogger, what exactly should you be doing?

There are dozens of techniques you would need to know, but one principle of running a successful blog is that you make sure that you stand out and be unique. You certainly cannot be, and are not, like the other bloggers in your niche; you probably have a very friendly manner in which you create contents that you know will attract (and keep) the attention of your readers.

Or, maybe you are the type that gets news faster than others, and you cover gaming topics that aren’t particularly mainstream.

Whatever mode you choose, whatever contents you put out there, the most important thing is that they are of value to those to whom you are serving, and your contents’ focus should be coming giving a fresh view on a subject.

You could possibly cover an entire world of modern gaming, or you could choose to focus on an area like LGA 1155 CPU For Gaming and other tech-related gaming topics.

You may be overwhelmed when you go online and find that most of the topics you would like to touch on, that you thought were fresh, have all been talked about by other gaming blogs, but in all honesty, they haven’t, you just need to look.

To give a blog post about blogging, you would need to structure it in a way that suits you, and this can happen in many forms:

  • Gaming news.
  • Gaming reviews.
  • Opinion pieces.
  • Hacks, tips, tricks/walkthroughs.
  • Interviews with gaming industry leaders.
  • Other cool gaming stuff (like fan artwork, Kickstarters, comic con outfits, etc.).