Marketing And Networking In The Gaming Community

You may see the blogging world as a very large community, but in reality, it is a not-so-large one. And, just like with every other community, there is always that thing about whom you know.

When you try to network online, the attitude that you put-on when you’re face-to-face with people isn’t exactly the same you’ll have on online. I mean, this goes without saying. And since most bloggers are able to connect via the internet, it is very easy for bloggers to reach out and meet others that are in the same field that they play in.

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The one thing you shouldn’t do (although not totally prohibited, especially if it suits and works for you) is to just randomly hit someone up online and ask to be their friend. There is a way to go about this, and one thing to keep in mind is that you would first need to give value to whomever it is that you are looking to be connected to.

To build any great relationship, it has to start on the basis of mutual growth, appreciation, and reciprocation in some manner.

If you choose to contact an editor on IGN for the very first time, what you shouldn’t do is to straight-up ask for their help in supporting your blog. This is a no-go area, as this tends to be a one-sided thing where they do not get any value from you but are offering you some value for nothing.

What you should rather do is to connect with other gaming bloggers and cultivate some real relationship.

Game developers, writers, designers, artists, and anyone who is close to game studios who can give you press releases or some behind-the-scenes info, these are the kind of people that you would want to build relationships with, meaningful relationships.

If your blog is able to draw a large audience, then you could get free review copies of upcoming games.

Always remember that to get value, especially as a blogger, you would need to give value, too. No one gives anything for free. Make Google your friend, seeing as it has a trove of information available if you take your time to do some search. All your questions about blogging as a gamer would be answered there.