Top L5P Duramax Tuner Options

General Tuning

Edge Products – Best Duramax Tuner

When it comes to tuners, Edge tuners are one of the most mass-produced options on the market. Because of their mass production, it has made the makers of this tuner play it safe by only pushing horsepower and torque numbers to seemingly moderate levels.

These tuners are on the safe side when it comes to tuning, and they are often easy to reverse. The disadvantage of this type of tuning is that it does not tune the truck to a custom tune that is specific to the truck. They are more of a blanket tune, covering a wide range, as opposed to it catering to a specific truck. And, if you are looking for tuning to help your Duramax delete, then this shouldn’t be what you should go for.

Banks Power

In the world of diesel performance, there is a brand that is known to be a leading name in the innovation of diesel for many years, and that name is Banks. This company was founded by Gale Banks, and it has created tuners and programmers that are backed by 50 years plus of performance knowledge. In September of 2017, Banks released some information regarding their upcoming tuner L5P, the derringer. At first, many thought that it was not something that could be tuned, but Banks found a way to do that.

The Derringer tuner was released as an OBDII access tuner that also plugs into the FRP sensor and the MAP sensor as well. Installing it is easy, although, it might take you 45 minutes to an hour to complete its installation. The end result is an extra 61 horsepower and 91 lb ft of torque.

You may not find these numbers as impressive as some other custom tuning settings, Banks power has made this tuner a safer addition to your truck. Some of the safety features of this tuner are TransCommand and ActiveSafety.