The Next Frontier To Duramax Drivability

As you may already know, performance tuning is not anything new to the Duramax market. For companies like Duramaxtuner of Marengo, Illinois, they have been using the EFILive to create custom tuning since 2001+ GM Duramax for many years now.

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Through the years of being behind the wheel, with thousands of hours on the chassis dyno, performance ECM software is out there to cover the needs and wants of just about any driver. One thing that is still yet to see much improvement is a better control of the Allison automatic transmission, and this is what sets the Duramaxtuner apart from the others.

The 2001 – 2010 GM Duramax/Allison uses an Engine Control Module (also known as the ECM) and a separate Transmission Control Module (also known as the TCM), working together to create the best vehicle performance and efficiency possible.

The OEM GM engineers worked laboriously to match the programming that is found within these two to produce good drivability for almost any situation. Although, the aftermarket has its focus on the ECM performance side of things, the TCM adjustments have always found itself a step or two behind, especially when it comes to high-horsepower applications.

To get a better control of this, the makers of the Duramaxtuner have set out to unlock all the hidden potential that can be found within the TCM. Although the TCM adjustments will be quite obvious in a modified application (and this can be found in bigger tires, bigger turbos, bigger injectors, and so forth), a stock truck can benefit from the Duramaxtuner matched TCM/ECM files.

Since most 2001 – 2010 trucks came directly from the factory with a very light weight of wheels with 16 inches and tires of 30 inches, it is not an uncommon thing for drivers to upgrade to a larger wheel and a tire package.