Benefits Of Using A Duramax Tuner: Using An Ag Equipment

You might want the filed time decreased, wanting to use the least amount of fuel possible while you are in the field. These two things save you two valuable items, and they are time and money.

You try to get the best yield out of your land, so you should expect your combine to do the same for you. Tuning your equipment is the quickest, cheapest, and the most efficient way of going about getting the most out of your truck. Tuning can up-rate your truck for just a fraction of the dealer price, bringing you the top-end amount of both MPH and power.

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Let’s see a bit more what tuning can do for your equipment.

  1. Less Fuel: Since trucks have begun to be tuned years ago, people have reported less fuel usage as when compared to stock running trucks. When you combine the gain in power with less fuel consumption, you will find that you are ahead of the game two-fold. People who tune their equipment have made reports of a 20 percent reduction in the usage of fuel, and an increase in power.
  2. Decrease Strain on Equipment: Many users compliment the operation of the trucks once the tune has been programmed in. They say that before the tune, they would have to constantly shift up and down while working the field. Once the calibration has been programmed in, they notice the ability to shift up, throttle back, and cruise while they till, spray, and so forth. It is a convenient factor to consider when talking about truck tuning.
  3. Increased Ground Speed and Power: The truck has a speed limiter (that is frustrating) that keeps your speed at a minimum until you end up paying that high sum for the factory up-rate. Tuning your truck will push the MPH up to your desired level that is safest for your combine. A rise in speed translates to a rise in power.