What exactly is the advantage of buying an internal blue ray drive for your computer?

Blu-ray is a high-definition, high-capacity disc format that is replacing DVDs, and it is used for watching movies, working with files from an HD camcorder or for backing up your computer. But, if you choose to buy a drive, make sure you know just exactly what it does.

We have multi-drives that will play Blu-ray discs, but then only record to CD or DVD. If what you want to do is to just watch movies, or to play around with the added features that come with some discs, then this type of drive is great. You should make sure that the remaining parts of your computer hardware like the graphics card and the monitor are all compatible with the Blu-ray playback, and this also includes the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (H.D.C.P) technology built into Blu-ray.

If you will be getting a computer monitor with your new computer, you should make sure that it can support a native resolution of 1,920 and 1,080p so that you can enjoy the full benefits of your Blu-ray. Most of the newly made computers have compatibility features that support the new technology, but it is best to always check the specifications so as to make sure that it supports Blu-ray discs.

Drives that are able to both play and record Blu-ray discs give you an extra benefit, which is the ability to either back up or record a great amount of data on just one disc. A single-layer DVD is usually only able to give you about 4.7 GB of space for recording, while the Blu-ray discs can accommodate up to 25 GB of information; and its dual-layer disc gives you 50 GB of storage space.