Making A Pocket-Sized Colloidal Silver Generator

In this article, we will be looking (a bit) into how to make a pocket-sized colloidal silver generator. An on-the-go colloidal silver generator that can be easily slipped into one’s pocket.

We advise that before you make use of this product, you do an extensive research on it, ask a professional, too.

Step one: Gather the parts

What are some of the things you will need?

Distilled water. Any water will suffice as long as it is filtered and purified.

Fine silver wire. This shouldn’t be just any wire, it should be about 99.99 percent or 99.9 per cent pure silver wire. It can be pretty hard to find. Make sure that it is fine silver because there are so-called silvers that do not even have silver in them. Ask the seller before making the purchase, and if you can’t, give it to a jeweler that you know and trust.

You would also need some sort of connection block.

A 9V battery connection.

An old personal size water bottle.

Step two: Hooking it up

This is kind of the easy part. You wouldn’t need all the terminal blocks for one generator, so, you can take a sharp knife and cut two from the end of a string of 12. Slide one 6-inch piece into the terminal block so that it protrudes the exact same length from the block on the same side of the block.

Tighten down the two with screws to make sure that the wires are secured into place.

Take the 9V battery connection and strip the wire ends so that there is 3/8-inch bare on each wire. Fold the wire back mid-point of each bare section so there is a 3/16-inch double of bare wire.

Step three: Make some colloidal silver

Take a glass (make sure it is a glass and nothing else) and fill it with distilled water (almost full). Slide the 99.9 percent of pure fine silver into the water.

After about 15 seconds, bubbles will form on the negative electrode, and something like smoke will emit from the positive electrode. That smoke-like material is silver released into water.