LifeForce Colloidal Silver Generator Review

LifeForce was made to provide quality colloidal silver products and at an affordable price. All of LifeForce Colloidal silver generators are manufactured in the USA. LifeForce also sells 9999 pure silver wire that comes with a certificate of Analysis Assuring Purity.

The timing chart of this colloidal silver generator is standardized for 6-inch 14-gauge silver wires, and because of its large surface area, 6-inch 12-gauge silver wires will process 33 percent faster, while the 6-inch 10-gauge silver wires will process 50 percent faster.

The LifeForce Compact COMBO-2 Barebones colloidal silver generator package has only one generator, a pair of 6-inch 9999 pure silver wires and an instruction set.

Its battery case can accommodate three NiMh rechargeable 9-volt batteries (these are not included in the package), but they can operate without them being installed. This unit has a one-year repair and replacement guarantee against defects in materials or assembly, with a free, unlimited technical support.

The COMBO-2 Barebones with 12-gauge silver wires makes both clear and yellow colloidal silver, and this depends on the processing time. 5 ppm to 15 ppm are clear, while 20 ppm is faint yellow, and 25 ppm is yellow. Anything above 25 ppm, then the colloidal silver turns to orange or red. The photo is 30 ppm, and this is because of the range of the sizes of the particles.

The smallest silver particles are made at 5 ppm to 15 ppm and the larger silver particles are made as the concentration increases. The two 6-inch 12 gauge 9999 pure silver wires will make about 300 gallons of 5 ppm colloidal silver.

LifeForce warns that this device and product does not serve to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The purity of this device is essential to minimize trace metal contaminants in colloidal silver.

You do not need meters, lasers, or TDS meters. In this package is a fully-tested timing chart, that will help you accurately make 5 ppm to 40 ppm colloidal silver. All you need to do is plug it into any 120-volt AC household outlet, and you are ready to make fresh highly charged colloidal silver.

You do not have to fumble with cords and clips to attach to silver wires that dangle at the lip of the container because the silvers wires are securely held in the push-button ports. Clamp the silver wires in the ports and rest the case on top of the container of the water. It will automatically turn on when the silver wires are immersed and it turns of when they are withdrawn.