Colloidal Silver Generator: Considerations

Many of the best colloidal silver generator companies claim that you have control over just how much silver it is that is put into water. This is only true when you have total control over the water. Beyond the precisely controlled lab or manufacturing environment that consistently tests its water quality and filtration processes, it is impossible to attain constantly with every batch you make.

Trying to control the concentration of silver is a lot more complex than just how much current is being passed and the amount of time this happens. There are also side reactions that can take place, and sometimes, your inability to control the chemistries of water can result in the generator breaking apart the water molecules and not the silver electrodes. If all this is making you a bit dizzy, this is a good reason for you to leave it to the professionals.

The bioactive form of silver is its positively charged form. For colloidal silver particles to be effective, they must first be converted into their bioactive form, which only happens on the surface of the particle. What this means is that the smallest particle size results in the greatest bio activity. Particle size analysis is an important tool when trying to characterize a wide scope of final product performance factors. It is almost impossible to know the size of the particle without a Transmission Electron Microscope.

It is also vital to note that particle size not only is tied to efficiency, but it is also tied to safety. The body must do well to expel any silver that it cannot use. Since it is only able to use what is found on the surface of a particle, it has to expel the rest as waste. Look at it as using the outside of a big onion, and having to throw the rest away, against you using several smaller onions in their entirety. When the waste overwhelms the body, then toxicity is achieved.